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Pro se Debtor Still Working on His 8th Amended Chapter 13 Plan

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  • Debtor committed and was head strong to go it alone and  not utilize an attorney for file his Chapter 13 Plan.
  • Filed for relief in September of 2014.
  • Trustee objected to the Debtor’s 8th amended Plan.
  • Debtor’s Plan was a zero payment; with gross income of $117,269.00.

Court Ruling

  • Indicated that the debtor’s journey through the Chapter 13 has been painfully slow due to his not securing confirmation without legal assistance.
  • Concluded that the failure to get the Plan confirmed in over 3 years is unreasonable not only for the creditors but also the Trustee and Court.
  • Judge rules that Debtor has 30 days to propose an amended Plan with a minimum monthly payment of $344.15 over 60 months or case will be dismissed.

Enough is enough – you would not perform your own surgery – let an attorney specializing in Bankruptcy run your case.

Normally it should take about 2 months from start to finish getting a Chapter 13 Plan approved.