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Rogue Attorney Suspended from Bankruptcy Court

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  • Attorney while going through the metal detector at the Courthouse triggered an alarm.
  • He was told by Security to take off his belt, empty his pockets and go through the machine again.
  • Attorney reacted by throwing off his belt on the conveyor and hitting a woman in line while he spewed profanity-laced displeasure.
  • This was not an isolated incident. On many occasions, the attorney would use profanity aimed at the security officers.   His actions were disruptive, abusive and undignified.
  • Officers reminded him that they were officers of the Court and his behavior was unbecoming of a member of his profession.
  • On one occasion, the security officers had to summon the U.S. Marshall during one of his tirades.

Court Ruling:

  • Although the attorney stated in his defense that he believed that his status meant he should not be subject to the courthouse’s strict security procedures, the Court disagreed.
  • Court further stated that his utter lack of civility adversely overshadowed his professional position and his fitness to practice law.
  • The attorney should have gone through proper channels to express his disagreement with security procedures.
  • Attorneys simply cannot turn rogue and take matters into their own hands.
  • Court suspended Attorney from practice in the bankruptcy court for 6 months and was barred from entering the courthouse during that time.

Let’s hope this rogue attorney has gotten tame during this 6 months suspension.