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Stop a Sheriff’s Sale

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I receive numerous calls from clients panicking because the Sheriff’s sale of their home is set for that day or the next day.

I understand when some debtor’s get behind in their mortgage payments and their house is in foreclosure, they just put their head in the sand.   Debtors become immobilized by fear and disgust.   Losing your home is devastating; it is not similar to giving up a car or other asset.

Your home is special to you and changes your whole world when it is taken.  Having an undergraduate degree in psychology, I know my compassion and understanding are needed at this time to bring my clients to take action.  Debtors even stop opening their mail; they just can’t deal with the situation at hand.

By the time clients call me, I sense the immense pressure in their voices and concern.   I put them at ease and then explain that we can stop the sheriff’s sale but we must act quickly.   I meet with these clients that day and review their situation.   In many cases, I will file an emergency bankruptcy petition for them, notify the sheriff and any attorney(s) involved in the sale and the sale is immediately stopped.  This provides time to get your financial situation clarified and get debtors back on track.

You should be the one to decide if you want to keep your home – not the banks or mortgage companies.   Options are available to help you keep your home through filing bankruptcy.

However, I can’t help if you don’t call and schedule an appointment.   A simple call and the free consultation can change your life.

There are opportunities to stop a foreclosure and even the final Sheriff’s sale – do not delay.

You should be the one to decide if you want to keep your home – not the banks or the mortgage companies.