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Teri Polo Takes Her Turn in “Meet the Creditors”

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Teri Polo, also known as “Pam” from the movie Meet the Parents and its successors, has gotten herself into a bit of trouble, and not with her betrothed’s parents, but her real life overseers, the IRS and miscellaneous entities.

Polo filed a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, which has revealed that she has racked up quite the expense, nearing a total of one million dollars.

In a breakdown of this looming deficit, she has racked up a large proportion of income tax, taking a total of $772,000. In another scenario, it shows the credit card expense and what a credit card can really do to someone who likes to spend, where she personally has a debt of $37,000. In addition, she has been accused by her landlord of owing $30,000 for her inability to properly maintain her pets and their business on the land, to which extent, she is in rebuttal against.

So what exactly is she clinging on too? She is reportedly in possession of less than $50,000 is assets.