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Your Past is a Part of You but Does Not Define You

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I know many times my clients come in and are totally discouraged and wonder if their future financial situation and life will get better.

Not only do I work to get my clients out of their debts but also let them see that the future is now clear to move forward.    Debts are a burden that negatively affect one’s daily attitude and stress levels.

When clients come in to see me for the first time, I see many reactions:  depressed, no future outlook, stressed, personal relationships are adversely affected,  hopelessness, worry, fear of having no place to live, etc.

I am always eager to let them know that they are not alone and I see their situation differently than they do at the time they first see me.

Once they have decided to move forward with a bankruptcy, I start seeing a change:   they are feeling that there is hope and are optimistic about their future.

When the final Bankruptcy hearing occurs, I see them walk out without that same look on their faces.  They come to the hearing with anxiety and when the hearing is over, they even smile.

They should smile, their future has a whole new start now.    With a Chapter 7, all debts are now wiped out and you start fresh.  With a Chapter 11 or 13, the reorganizing of their debts either over 3 or 5  years, shows there is a path to success.

One of my favorite things to hear is, when a client calls me and says: Can you send me a copy of my Order of Discharge? I am in the process of qualifying for a mortgage.  That makes me smile.

YOU CAN DEFINE YOUR FUTURE and your past is always something that molds you to where you want to be.  So as we head into better weather, let the sun shine in your life, too.  Your financial situation is not hopeless.