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Zombie Foreclosures: Continual Concerns

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As more and more homes are foreclosed and/or homeowners leave the property prior to the bank actually foreclosing, the zombies are growing.

As we drive around in neighborhoods throughout New Jersey, we can easily identify these “Zombies”.

You will see a nice neighborhood with the lawn being well maintained and the homes look well kept.  Then you see a home that will stick out like a sore thumb.   It is obviously not in keeping with the neighborhood and it gives the neighborhood a less than charming appeal.

As more and more homeowners abandon their homes, it is becoming a problem for residents who are nearby these homes.  These zombies may even lead to lowering the value of homes in the neighborhood and the Townships.

Homeowners and Townships are getting more and more aggressive in demanding that something be done.

The next time you see a property that may be turning into a Zombie, notify your Township so that early intervention occurs prior to these Zombies destroying your neighborhood.

You need to “kill” these Zombie houses in your neighborhoods before they eat all of your profits in your homes of the neighborhood.