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Bankruptcy is not for everyone.             Bankruptcy is certainly not the last option when you are facing financial struggles.          It may be a good option if you struggle to make ends meet and have no other way to escape debt.

Here are some other situations where bankruptcy can help you.

Bankruptcy Help Divorce

Bankruptcy Help Job Loss

Bankruptcy Help Medical Debt

Divorce can be a major financial strain, especially if you have to split assets and debts with your spouse. Bankruptcy can help you get a fresh start after a divorce.

If you lose your job and cannot find a new one, you may fall behind on your bills and accumulate debt. Bankruptcy can help you get back on your feet financially.

Medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the United States. If you have a lot of medical debt and cannot afford to pay it back, bankruptcy may be an option.

If you have financial struggles, I offer a free bankruptcy consultation.   I promise to:

  • Evaluate your current situation.
  • Advise you on whether bankruptcy can help you.
  • If bankruptcy is recommended, which bankruptcy would be best for you?
  • Take you through the process so you have a thorough understanding of your decision to file bankruptcy.

I will advise you on which bankruptcy filing is best for you:    

Chapter 11 Subchapter V

Benefits of Bankruptcy

Get Debt Free

Stop Creditor Actions

Keep Assets

Improve Credit Score

Bankruptcy can help people eliminate their debts, including credit card debt, medical debt, and personal loans. This can help people get out of financial trouble and start fresh.

When someone files for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect. This stops all collection actions, including phone calls, letters, and lawsuits.

In most cases, keep essential property, such as their home, car, and clothes, when they file for bankruptcy.

Immediately after filing for bankruptcy, you can improve your credit score.

Cedar Grove is a Great Community and I live in Cedar Grove.

Cedar Grove is bordered by the municipalities of Montclair, North Caldwell, and Verona in Essex County and Little Falls in Passaic County. I live in Cedar Grove, and my office is in the adjourning township of Little Falls.

Did you know this about Cedar Grove?

  • On April 9, 1908, the name was formally changed to Cedar Grove.[23][24] The township’s name derives from the Eastern Red Cedar trees that once covered its valley and hillsides.[25][26]
  • Cedar Grove was part of the Horseneck Tract, which was an area that consisted of what are now the municipalities of CaldwellWest CaldwellNorth CaldwellFairfieldVerona, Cedar Grove, Essex FellsRoseland, and portions of Livingston and West Orange.
  • In 1702, settlers purchased the 14,000 acres (57 km2) Horseneck Tract—so-called because of its irregular shape that suggested a horse’s neck and head from the Lenape Native Americans for goods equal to $325. This purchase encompassed much of western Essex County, from the First Mountain to the Passaic River.
  • Cedar Grove was originally a small farming community. In 1896, Essex County built the county mental institution in Cedar Grove known as Overbrook. In 1908, Cedar Grove was incorporated as a township. In the 1950s and 1960s, Cedar Grove became one of the destination suburbs in Essex County among those looking to escape urban living from Newark and New York City.

I realize that the decision to file bankruptcy is an important decision.   

The decision to file bankruptcy should not be made without consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

If you make a decision and file bankruptcy when it is not in your best interest, it is almost impossible to undo.   For that reason, you need a Board-Certified Bankruptcy Lawyer, a  law firm that devotes 100% of its law practice to NJ bankruptcy law.

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 I always meet with my clients personally:    In this way, you can be sure that you have hired the best bankruptcy attorney for your specific needs.

                      • I do not keep my clients waiting – you are never rushed through a consultation.
                      • We meet promptly at the time set for your consultation. – I know your time is valuable.