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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For:     Individuals & Businesses


  • Wage Garnishments
  • Bank Account Levies
  • Lawsuits
  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • Creditor Letters
  • Evictions
  • IRS Collection Actions

Keep Exempt Property
Get Rid of Debts
Pay Zero Back to Creditors

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For:   Individuals Only

  • Reorganize past-due Mortgage & Car payments
  • Save your House & Car
  • Stop Foreclosures
  • Stop Sheriff’s Sale
  • Stop Property Tax Sales
  • Establish an Affordable Repayment Plan for your Debts

& STOPS all that a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Does

Payback ONLY what YOU can afford
YOU set repayment terms – NOT your lenders/creditors

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

For:    Individuals & Businesses

  • Reorganize Debts
  • Stay Operational
  • Reject Unfavorable Executory Contracts and/or Leases
  • Strip Off/Down liens
  • Shed Debt & become more Profitable 


Get Rid of Debts 
Keep Business Running
Keep Your Assets

Chapter 11 Subchapter V

For:   Businesses with less debt or Individuals exceeding Chapter 13 Debt Limits 

  • Reorganize Debts
  • Stay Operational
  • Reject Unfavorable Executory Contracts and/or Leases
  • Strip Off/Down liens
  • Shed Debt & become more Profitable 

Get Rid of Debts 
Keep Business Running
Keep Your Assets

Proven Bankruptcy Results:

Over 30 years of proven results representing both individuals and businesses in New Jersey Bankruptcy Law. I have worked on a multitude of bankruptcy cases ranging from:

  • Chapters 7, 11, 11 Subchapter V,  and 13 Bankruptcy Cases as Debtors’ counsel.
  • Creditors’ counsel in claims litigation and adversary proceedings.
  • Representation of non-debtors in adversary proceedings.
  • I have a 100% success rate for all filled Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases.
  • Mediator for Adversary Proceedings.
  • Recouped Wage Garnishments.
  • Releasing of Bank Levies.
  • Stripping Off 2nd Mortgages
  • Cramdowns of 1st Mortgages on Commercial Mortgages

Practice Focus:

My practice focuses entirely on bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a very specialized field. 100% focus on this particular area of law allows me to provide clients with the expert bankruptcy representation and attention to their needs.

I devote my practice to bankruptcy and continually keep current with the challenges of bankruptcy and diverse situations that arise.   This is evident by virtue of my Board Certification status.

Board Certification:

As part of my commitment to provide superior legal representation, I am Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the American Board of Certification (ABC)

Board Certification guarantees clients that I continually pass rigorous testing, demonstrated by my bankruptcy knowledge and case results to meet the strict requirements by the ABC. Only one other bankruptcy lawyer is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law in Northern New Jersey.

Commitment to Clients at NJ Bankruptcy Law Firms:

  • Understand that filing bankruptcy is both an emotional and a trying time for clients.
  • I take the time to personally meet with clients, understand their goals and needs and provide recommendations.
  • There are times when I advise clients that bankruptcy is not the correct option. My goal is to enable and support my clients to obtain financial success.
  • From the time I meet with a client, I handle the case from start to finish. You are never passed on to an associate. No stand-in attorneys.    I am completely familiar with your case at all stages of the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • I am reachable before, during and after you hire me. No one likes to feel like their case does not matter. You can always reach me by phone.   I commit to getting back to my clients quickly.
  • Clients are never frustrated by not being able to reach me, because my clients are my priority – I provide my personal cell phone.
  • Call/text me @ (201) 446-5904 or email me ([email protected]), I will speak with you personally and I return all of my calls/texts/emails. 

    (201) 446-5904 is my personal cell phone so you can reach me directly and quickly.  

 Read my clients’ reviews.  My clients’ reviews demonstrate my commitment.

  • I look forward to talking with you and meeting with you to discuss your particular financial situation and how I can best serve you.
  • Call me today for a free bankruptcy consultation.

        (201) 446-5904 – Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. Law Offices.  njbankruptcylawfirms.com

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