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American Board Certification in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, earned by Ralph A. Ferro JR., Esq, a bankruptcy attorney operating in New Jersey

Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. Bankruptcy Lawyer

Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law

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I highly recommend Ralph A. Ferro for bankruptcy representation. He is extremely knowledgeable and provides excellent services. He was always accessible to answer any of my questions by phone or email. He made the whole process so easy. Thank you, Mr. Ferro!

AC, Passaic County, 1/17/2022

I highly recommend Ralph A. Ferro for representation. Ralph was always easily available by phone or email to answer any questions at any time of day. He was kind, understanding, professional, and beyond knowledgeable. Even after the case was all handled he still provided some assistance. Best decision I have ever made was letting Ralph handle my case. He truthfully made the whole process pain free.

NN, Passaic County, 2/13/2022

Thank you Mr. Ferro, I now have a fresh new start in my life because of your amazing services!

JM, Hudson County, 4/12/2022

Don’t hesitate to contact Ralph Ferro. He is a truly professional and will stay with you from start to end. I had an issue before with a different attorney but Mr Ferro help me with everything since the first time we talked. I am more than sure that he will do everything he can to help you. Also, he is really fast to respond doesn’t matter if by email, text or call. I am really thankful with him, and more than impressed by his services.

SE, Passaic County, 6/10/2022

As I enter the last year of my bankruptcy, I just want to say thank you again for your service and help in alleviating a huge debt, and at the same time allowing me to keep my house. Many thanks to you, Ralph.

VL, Bergen County, 6/29/2022

Mr. Ferro is my hero! My financial issues were overwhelming and adversely affecting even my health. Within minutes of responding to Mr. Ferro's online posting, I received a phone call from Mr. Ferro. After discussing my situation and my legal options, my feeling of relief was enormous. I was guided though every step of the bankruptcy process. Mr. Ferro was personally available on literally any day or time to answer my questions. I wish that I would have made that phone call to Mr. Ferro sooner and would urge anyone in distress over meeting their financial obligations to pick up the phone and call him.

FF, Essex County, 1/19/2022

Atty Ralph Ferro got it done for us in just about 100 days. Thank you.

JB, Sussex County, 2/13/2022

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us and continue to do for us. You've always been there when we needed you and you've helped us tremendously throughout the years. Thank you for being so kind and attentive, especially at this time when we are at our lowest. We appreciate all of your hard work and cannot thank you enough. Sincerely,

S&C, Bergen County, 6/10/2022

We found Ralph Ferro, Esq. to to be, quite simply, outstanding! He is. Top notch attorney at the top of his game! His breadth of knowledge and attention to detail reflect his professionalism. His assistance throughout a difficult journey definitely made the trip more bearable. We consider him to be the best in the business! Kathy and Bob

RL, Essex County, 7/31/2022

Mr. Ferro handled our case quickly and diligently. He answered every question we had and made us feel comfortable knowing we were in good hands. He was always easy to reach. Ralph is a knowledgeable true professional in his field. Thank you for your assistance

SC, Morris County, 2/10/2022

I highly recommend Mr. Ferro if you are seeking first-class representation. He was extremely helpful in answering any and all questions related to my case. When you don't know the intricacies of bankruptcy, it makes a tremendous difference to have someone who is as knowledgeable as him. He knows his field best and will make sure you understand the process and timeframe. In addition, he was always easy to contact and keeps his clients updated through every step. I can't say enough good things about Mr. Ferro and his assistance.

SM, Essex County, 4/8/2022

Mr. Ferro is very knowledgeable and professional. He handled my case quickly and efficiently. He answered every question I had even if it sounded irrelevant to the case. I highly recommend Mr. Ferro to anyone looking to be debt free fast.

FM, Passaic County, 6/17/2022

Best Lawyer for bankruptcy. Got the job done quick and through. Made my experience great and it was very easy process. He helps you step by step and explains very well what to do and need to do.

MS, Bergen County, 8/19/2022

We would like to thank you so much for all that you have done to help us in this process. You were a great lawyer and we appreciate it!

YB, Essex County, 9/23/2022

Unbelievable efficient and non stressful process. It was a pleasure to work with Ralph who filed my bankruptcy without a hitch. Highly recommend.

DL, Morris County, 9/27/2022

Mr Ferro was amazing! He answered all our questions and was available whenever we reached out. He did what he said he would do and made sure we understood. Thank you Mr. Ferro!

TT, Passaic County, 2/5/2021

Having a good lawyer, the one who is best prepared for your case, will win the day. Mr. Ralph Ferro is that lawyer. On day one, he let me know what to expect. Always available to respond to my questions either by phone or email. He follows through and gives updates.

ST, Bergen County, 3/18/2021

Ralph A. Ferro is very professional, knows the knowledge, communicates and works close with his clients. Thank you much for your excellent service.

OP, Morris County, 4/18/2021

My experience was excellent, professional, and fast.  He's responsive and keeps in touch with any updates.  Thank you!

ES, Bergen County, 6/29/2021

Mr. Ferro was a great deal of help to my case and made the process easy. I would recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with bankruptcy as he is very professional and to the point.

ML, Passaic County, 7/23/2021

Mr. Ferro helped me with exactly what I needed. He delivered exactly what we discussed and never over promised. Thank Mr. Ferro for all your help!

MF, Essex County, 10/18/2021

GREAT! Atty. Ralph was absolutely friendly, efficient, helpful and professional in dealing with my case. I would recommend Atty. Ralph for your matters.

GC, Passaic County, 2/10/2021

THANK YOU Ralph A Ferro you save my life after losing job because the pandemic

OG, Passaic County, 3/19/2021

He was great, quick and extremely professional. Thank You!

BM, Monmouth County, 5/28/2021

I would certainly recommend attorney Ralph Ferro to everyone.  In my Chapter 13 case he showed that from the very beginning he is truly professional, very honest and a responsive attorney.  Very easy to get in touch with him either by email or phone.   I feel very lucky myself meeting attorney Ferro.  Thanks to him I have saved my house and now after 5 years of my hard work and his great support my case is over.   Overall, if I were to grade this attorney it is 10 points out of 10.   Good luck to everyone.

KC, Essex County, 7/16/2021

Even before I retained him Ralph took the time to understand my situation and gave me solid advice on how to proceed. After I hired him he was always quick to respond to any questions I had either via email or phone and provided top level professionalism throughout my case. I highly recommend him! Thank you for helping me through this!!!.

JH, Hudson County, 10/1/2021

Mr. Ferro is great. I highly recommend his services to anyone. He is very understanding, patient and passionate. Will not disappoint you in any way.

MT, Passaic County, 11/5/2021

Thank you Mr. Ferro for all your help with my legal issue. You are very knowledgeable & professional and everything went exactly as you explained. Highly recommended.

YG, Bergen County, 2/23/2021

Mr. Ferro was great in helping my Mom. I highly recommend.

CG, Union County, 3/28/2021

Thanks to Ralph I went through a quick bankruptcy process. Nice and easy! Ralph is extremely professional and simple to work with. Answers emails and phone calls promptly with great communication. I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone.

AT, Bergen County, 6/28/2021

Thank you so much, Ralph, you made this very easy for me!

AR, Passaic County, 7/23/2021

Ralph is extremely knowledgeable in the bankruptcy field. He helped my wife and I through every single step of the process, from the very first consultation to the final discharge. All phone calls, emails or text messages were quickly responded to and he made every effort to make sure we felt comfortable through what can be an overwhelming time in someone's life. Ralph is highly recommended!!

NJ, Essex County, 10/3/2021

Ralph Ferro is the lawyer you need, Professional, responsive, keeps in touch during the whole process until the end. If you are in a situation where you can't keep up with the bills, Ralph Ferro is the lawyer to call. Great Person!

MW, Hudson County, 11/22/2021

Ralph, After doing so much research I knew I had found the right attorney for my case, so Thankful for making this process painless. I will advise anyone to you in need of your services. Thanks again!!!

JSR, Essex County, 1/3/2020

Hello Ralph, Thank you very much for all your advice and support this past 2019. I will refer your office contact information to individuals in need of A+ service.

JBA, Hudson County, 1/27/2020

When dealing with an unfortunate event in our life we couldn’t have asked for better support and honesty. Mr. Ferro was professional and supportive, very knowledgeable and walks us through each step of the process. Things were always well explained and the responses to any questions were very prompt. We would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much for your hard work . It’s important to have someone who truly cares and is compassionate when going through something like this.

EI, Passaic County, 2/3/2020

Thank you Ralph, Appreciate all you have done with my case. You’re an excellent attorney and I will refer you to anybody in need. Thanks.

BA, Bergen County, 4/7/2020

Thank you Ralph, From the first time I shook hands with Mr. Ferro, Jr. when we met in his office, until now I have had nothing less than an outstanding experience. The quality of work in the field Mr. Ferro is in cannot be prejudged. Nor can that quality be guaranteed by someone’s referral. (Its all relative, person to person, case to case.) It can only be rated after the fact. I’m one of those ‘if you want it done right you have to do it yourself’ kind of guys who has to be in control at all times. It was refreshing to realize that wouldn’t be the case here. Mr. Ferro took control right out of the gate and took what would have been a stressful situation and turned it around. He was on top of everything, and at any given moment he displayed knowledge, decisiveness, and (I found this hard to believe) created a calm atmosphere that I found to bring a sense of confidence and a state of relaxation. I just sat back and let him do what it is he does! He even took into consideration my medical issues when the hearing date arrived. Thank you Mr. Ferro Jr. for your expertise and professionalism!

AF, Morris County, 6/10/2020

Bankruptcy is a difficult time for anyone to go through. My wife and I were in debt and and staying up nights stressed out. We had never been in this situation before, owing a lot of money and considering bankruptcy. We wanted to make sure we chose the right attorney for us, so we interviewed several bankruptcy attorneys. Mr. Ferro was the most knowledgeable and professional, so we chose him. Mr. Ferro made this process very easy for us, all we had to do was give him the paperwork he needed. That was it. We wanted someone who would go the extra mile for us, and he delivered. Our chapter 13 settlement was affordable and went through the courts smoothly saving us a lot of money. We are very happy with the end results and are now able to sleep at night again and get on with our lives. Thank you, Mr. Ferro.

RM, Bergen County, 6/24/2020

Mr. Ferro, I can’t thank you enough for your honesty, support and dedication to my case. You made me feel confident from start to finish. Thank you again! You are amazing!

MS, Passaic County, 6/29/2020

Quick service, professional and responsive around the clock, made the bankruptcy process painless. I highly recommend Ralph Ferro, Jr. Thank you

CS, Passaic County, 7/9/2020

Mr. Ralph A. Ferro, Jr. is so professional and he answers all of calls, texts, messages, emails and/or questions. He is very prompt and completes all of his work in a timely fashion. My experience was awesome. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much for everything.

MS, Essex County, 7/15/2020

I was referred to Mr. Ferro by my wife’s coworker whom he helped also. Upon meeting him my first impression was that he was very professional and also thoroughly explained the entire process. He always took the time to return phone calls and/or emails whenever I needed assistance. I definitely recommend Mr. Ferro, Jr.

JE, Passaic County, 7/23/2020

Attorney Ralph was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Thank you Mr. Ralph Ferro for everything.

JR, Essex County, 8/4/2020

Mr. Ferro was extremely professional and always very quick to respond to any and all questions I had. Would highly recommend for anyone seeking his services!

KW, Passaic County, 8/6/2020

I want to thank Mr. Ferro and his law firm for all the hard work, time & dedication, and professionalism in the representation of my case. Once again thank you and God Bless.

JR, Passaic County, 8/9/2020

I referred Ralph to a close family member, after their first attorney dropped the ball and did not file the necessary paperwork. Ralph did a great job handling their BK! He’s very knowledgeable (took time to explain any outstanding issues in plain English), professional and responsive. He always got back to any question the same day, unlike a lot of attorneys. I would highly recommend him.

BM, Passaic County, 8/10/2020

Look no more, the 24hr caught my eyes and Glad I made that call late evening. Mr. Ferro, I am thankful for making the process stress free for me, after dealing with divorce and attorneys you never want to deal with one again but you are great at it and wouldn’t mind again when it comes to bankruptcy, amazing, sincere, professional, informative and stress free. Thank you!!

JR, Passaic County, 9/10/2020

After COVID permanently closed my business, I had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. Never having gone through the process, I was terrified. I called many attorneys but Ralph Ferro put me at ease within minutes of us speaking, I trusted him from that moment and I am so glad I did! He assured me it would be straight forward and it was! He "held my hand" through each step and answered every question I had immediately. Less than a month from filing, I had my hearing. 60 days later, I was discharged. It was easy and seamless. I highly recommend Ralph Ferro! He is an exceptional, honest, and caring attorney.

JS, Passaic County, 10/14/2020

The cost was a little more than other places I called but still comparable. We spoke months before we did anything and answered all questions I had. Very helpful even before we retained him for the process. Very courteous and patient with all my questions. Had to do this for my mom during COVID making things stressful enough, but Ralph's calmness and assurance went a long way. He was very confident in the case which put us at ease while we waited for the court date and then the discharge. Not that I desire to every have to go through this again, whether for myself or someone else, but if I do, I know who I'm calling. Can't thank Ralph enough.

ED, Essex County, 10/14/2020

I highly recommend Ralph Ferro, Jr. and his team! I visited their office at a very uncertain time in my life and they immediately put me at ease and reassured that I was in good hands. The process was seamless and any inquiries I had along the way were responded to immediately. My case occurred during the height of COVID and Ralph continued to keep me in the loop with the process and upcoming hearings. In the end, the hearings were done over the phone and a discharge notice followed shortly thereafter. I am forever grateful to Ralph and his team for the fresh start I've been given and am ecstatic to see my credit score is already beginning to improve!

LI, Bergen County, 10/16/2020

I was in a desperate situation four years ago, and through an internet search with a brief video presentation, I contacted Mr. Ferro, a certified bankruptcy lawyer. I was given an immediate appointment. I found Mr. Ferro to be extremely professional, and based on his credentials and experience focusing solely on bankruptcy, I felt very confident. Mr. Ferro was empathetic, always accessible, and answered phone calls or emails in a very timely fashion. After four years, my bankruptcy case was completed this past August. I am very grateful to Mr. Ferro, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs bankruptcy advice.

AVH, Bergen County, 10/18/2020

I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Ferro. Most importantly, he's a true professional. He always answers his phone and emails very promptly. He gives the best advice and is incredibly knowledgeable. I have an entirely new appreciation and outlook on lawyers and that is because of Mr. Ferro. Stay awesome.

BL, Morris County, 10/23/2020

I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Ferro. Most importantly, he's a true professional. He always answers his phone and emails very promptly. He gives the best advice and is incredibly knowledgeable. I have an entirely new appreciation and outlook on lawyers and that is because of Mr. Ferro. Stay awesome.

BL, Morris County, 10/23/2020

Highly Recommended! It's never easy for anyone to go through bankruptcy but, Mr. Ferro delivered in a very professional, friendly manner. He answered all my questions and was readily available anytime I would call. It's unfortunate we were unable to meet in person due to the current pandemic but, Mr. Ferro made me feel very comfortable and the process was nice and smooth! Thank you again Mr. Ferro!!

NL, Bergen County, 10/23/2020

Ralph was amazing from the very first call I made to him. He took the time to answer all of my questions, offered professional advice, set a realistic timetable, was always readily available when I contacted him, and delivered on all of his promises. Ralph did a great job coaching me through every stage of the process and his help made the overall experience much easier than I anticipated. I did an extensive search prior to connecting with Ralph for representation and assistance with my Bankruptcy, because I had some negative previous experiences with attorney’s that wavered my trust in that industry, but I have to say I made the right choice having Ralph represent me. If you are reading this review just know I was doing the same when I was in your position and you will be making the right choice having Ralph A Ferro Jr represent you.

GM, Essex County, 11/1/2020

Thank you so much for all your help, we truly appreciate it. It's been a pleasure working with you.

B&MT, Bergen County, 11/1/2020

Great service. Good communication, responsive, and did everything he said he would do. Highly recommended!

BK, Bergen County, 11/25/2020

Mr. Ferro is AWESOME ! If I cud I would give 10 stars. I was very nervous and you took care of everything. You are very professional and THE BEST. If you are having a problem do not hesitate to call Mr. Ferro. He is THE ONE !!

GL, Bergen County, 11/25/2020

From the moment I called Mr. Ferro, he explained everything with details, and helped me feel comfortable throughout the process, he made things much easier for me. He was always there to answer all my questions. I really appreciate all his hard work, time and dedication. He is extremely professional, honest, and has so much knowledge. It was a pleasure having Mr. Ferro representing me as my attorney, I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking his services; And I wish I could give him more than 5 Stars.

MR, Bergen County, 11/25/2020

We appreciate every effort and time you place making our journey a success. We can't thank you enough, you relentlessly attended all our hearings beside us being very informative whenever we have doubts regarding the process making us aware on every progression which confirms that you care for your client. You provided us with a satisfying experience being resolute in your endeavors to make us win. You consistently demonstrated A win for us is win for you and I am confident you will provide resolution to any that solicit your service.

LS & AW, Essex County, 12/5/2020

Ralph Fero Esq. did some major legal work for me recently. I can't say enough about his diligence and persistent work ethic. Ralph made himself very available each time I called with questions. He always explained in very understandable ways the answers to my questions and put my mind at ease. The kind of care Mr. Ferro showed about my case was so unexpected because of all the nightmare stories one hears about lawyers. He should be the poster child for integrity and proper lawyering. I can't thank him enough. I highly recommend this servicess. Too bad the business slogan is taken...."You're in Good Hands With Ferro" Thank you.

CB, Ocean County, 12/9/2020

Thank you so much, Ralph. You were with us all the way!!! It was very well appreciated.

M&MF, Passaic County, 2/17/19

Ralph, It was a pleasure to work with you. At one point I was stuck in a dark tunnel, and you helped me out of it. I cannot thank you enough for that. If someone I know is in a similar situation, I will be sure to refer them to you. Have a terrific day and a great weekend.

DJC, Essex County, 5/19/19

Thank you Ralph for your attention to detail. My discharge is final and I appreciate all your help! I will certainly forward your contact information to anyone that requires your services. Regards,

CN, Bergen County, 6/8/19

Ralph, Thank you for all your help. My bankruptcy could not have gone smoother. I greatly appreciate it.

DT, Passaic County, 10/2/19

Ralph, Thank you for helping me out of a bad situation. You treated me with concern and respect. It was my pleasure to have you representing me. Take care. RU, Morris County, 10/22/19

RU, Morris County, 10/22/19

Ralph, Thank you for working out the agreement with our bank. I can’t thank you enough for working this out. Thanks, again.

DS, Essex County, 12/15/19

I want to thank Mr. Ferro. This man saved me at a time where I was struggling. He was straight to the point. He did not require me to fill out massive amounts of paper work asking me for so many personal information. Mr. Ferro sat down with me and asked me some questions and was honest in how he was going to handle my problem and did not take too much of my time or his. I recommend him to anyone who has any financial problems. Within weeks the phone calls and mail from all collectors stopped and now I feel like my life has been given a second chance. Again, thank you Mr. Ferro. Sincerely, Mr. Galo Rugel.

GR, Bergen County, 3/16/19

Mr. Ferro helped me out of a bad situation. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. He is very professional yet warm and caring. My case was on a Monday. He took the time on Sunday night to call me and reassure me. Everything would be OK. Because of him, It was! That call assured me. It is small things like that make Ralph an exceptional person. Thank you.

Rosalie Uliano, Morris County, 8/13/19

Ralph, Amazing That’s You! Thank you for doing such a great job. Sure has been a pleasure to know you. Thanks for relieving us of a very big burden and handling our case so well! Very gratefully yours,

P&K O, Morris County, 12/17/19

Ralph, Thank you again for your excellent assistance on this personal matter. You were extremely helpful and got me thru this with peace of mind. I will be glad to let anyone know of your office if they require your services. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you.

Vinny R, Essex County, 3/29/19

After repeatedly being turned away by various lawyers who told me I would not qualify, Ralph took the time to go over my case and informed me that I would qualify. After our initial consultation I knew he was the right attorney for me. He was there for me every step of the way, from beginning to end. I am forever grateful. THANK YOU RALPH!!!

DM, Passaic County, 5/21/19

Dear Ralph, Thank you very much for your professionalism and great personality! I do not have enough words to express how we appreciate your great assistance and help! Best Wishes,

MGS, Bergen County, 10/1/19

Ralph, Thank you so much for all your time and patience, you are a wonderful attorney with a true concern for your clients.

EF, Bergen County, 12/6/19

Thank you very much for everything and your excellent service. I’ll pass on the word to anyone that might need your service.

YL, Passaic County , 01/06/2018

Thank you so much Ralph for everything you have done for us in helping us to obtain a fresh start.

CJM, Passaic County , 2/18/18

Ralph, I wanted to sincerely thank you for your help in preparing everything for my bankruptcy filing. You were professional, knowledgeable, and punctual and I felt completely at ease during the hearing. It is a huge weight off my shoulders to see the case get approved, and I am eager to get my financial well being back in order. Thank you again for your legal services and happy holidays.

JSG, Passaic County, 12/19/18

Thank you for your services in this very sensitive matter. Your patience and expertise are so greatly appreciated! I will definitely refer you to anyone in need of these services!! Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

FE, Passaic County , 01/07/2018

We are so glad that we found you. You were a very big help to us and it was very easy to deal with you and you have a very high regards for privacy issues. Our heartfelt thanks to what you did for us. We can hardly explain the relief you have given us after a hard struggle. Thanks once again from the bottom of our hearts.

AD, Passaic County, 03/10/2018

Thank you so much, Ralph. You were with us all the way!!! It was very well appreciated.

M&MF, Passaic County, 2/17/19

Thank you Ralph. Just wanted to give you an update on how I am doing following my bankruptcy (filed in January 8, 2018 and was closed on April 4, 2018) Received credit card offers from Credit One and Capital One Wells Fargo. Credit Karma says I can get up to a $10,000 loan. My credit score is 641 with Trans-Union and 745 Equifax. So glad I filed for a fresh start – you were very helpful and I thank you for caring, too.

CS, Passaic County , 05/22/2018

Thank you for having done an an excellent job with our bankruptcy case. You cared about our future success and I was always able to reach you like you promised.

HCZC, Hudson County, 2/12/2017

Ralph, I was very satisfied with your legal services; you were very organized and efficient throughout the process. I found the Financial Counseling Course helpful about managing my future finances.

ADR, Passaic County, 8/24/2017

Thank you! You’re the best. Happiest of holidays, Mr. Ferro. You should feel very good knowing that you do good every day in this world by helping people like me.

CB, Passaic County , 12/08/2017

Thanks Ralph! The process was easier and faster than I expected. I am very satisfied with your services and you were always reachable.

CC, Passaic County, 3/7/2017

Dear Attorney Ferro: My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the tremendous help and assistance you have afforded us with our bankruptcy application. It is such a big weight off our shoulders and we are determined not to fall into the same financial crisis again. We have learned our lesson in a very tough way…… Rest assured, we will refer any of our friends or anyone we know who is facing the same financial crisis whose only resort/solution is to apply for bankruptcy. That’s the least we can do to show our appreciation for all the assistance you have extended to us. Thank you so much again!

N&VM, Passaic County, 10/08/2017

Ralph, Thank you! You were fantastic. I appreciate it very much. I think you are a true professional, and you made this process pain free! Thank you for you calm nature as well. You are excellent at giving advice and direction. Have a wonderful weekend!

MGZ, Passaic County, 6/16/2017

Thank you so much, you’ve made this process so much easier. I sincerely appreciate all of your assistance. Thank you!

ER, Hudson County, 10/20/2017

Ralph, Thank you. You handled my case flawlessly and professionally. I am very satisfied with the results you achieved for me. You really cared about my future.

JCR, Passaic County, 5/6/16

Ralph, Thank you very much for your help, you truly cared about our future success and were always easy to reach.

LT&PT, Passaic County, 7/16/2016

Ralph was straight forward, truthful and very professional. You can’t ask for anything else when someone is going through a hard time financially and looking for a solution.

LN, Essex County, 8/12/2016

Ralph, you answered every question and explained thoroughly. I would recommend your services to anyone!, Thank you!!

LK, Passaic County, 8/19/2016

Ralph, I want to tell you, thank you for handling my case. Hopefully the bankruptcy will be granted. I was so drained, had to lay down. Thank you and God Bless!

SB, Passaic County, 9/23/2016

Ralph, You were very responsive to my questions and needs and were very helpful. I would recommend you highly without reservation. Thanks

JP, Bergen County, 5/27/2016

Ralph, Thank you very much for your help, you truly cared about our future success and were always easy to reach.

BC, Passaic County, 7/29/2016

Mr. Ferro was an excellent attorney; very caring and was so quick with the process and filed paperwork in an expedient manner. I recommend Mr. Ferro to anyone that needs a bankruptcy attorney.

FM, Passaic County, 8/12/2016

I was very satisfied with the services Ralph provided. I called Ralph Ferro, Jr. at a time when I was in a desperate situation. I sent him an email and explained my situation. Right away he replied and said to call him. An appointment was scheduled to meet in person. Ralph Ferro explained the process and about how long it would take, if everything was in order. I did everything I was told to do. The process began immediately and now I am totally debt free.

MW, Union County, 11/30/2016

Ralph, Thank you very much for your help, we appreciate it. We really liked how prompt you were with us.

MS, Passaic County, 7/15/2016

Ralph, I was very happy with the thoroughness in which my case was handled. This was a very stressful time for me and you helped relieve that stressfullness with the care and expedient way you handled everything. I am very grateful. Thank you!

BB, Essex County, 8/5/2016

Ralph, I can’t thank you enough for all the time you spent answering my many phone calls and questioning. You were extremely patient and knowledgeable. I could not have gotten through such a stressful situation without your kindness and expertise. Many, Many thanks!!

VL, Passaic County, 8/15/2016

Excellent advice during the entire process from the initial discussion on the type of bankruptcy to pursue and ending with our time in court. The entire process was fully explained, there weren’t any surprises and the court found everything perfectly prepared.

JZ, Passaic County, 12/04/2016

Ralph as always available when I needed his advice and support. I highly recommend Ralph Ferro for his dedicated professionalism. Thanks, Ralph!

SR, Union County, 5-6-15

Mr. Ferro – you did a great job with my bankruptcy: you always answered my questions, you cared about our future and I could always reach you on the phone when I needed to. Last but not least, you saved my marriage. Thanks again.

PM, Bergen County, 8-25-15

Ralph, You have been most helpful in expediting my bankruptcy. It was a pleasure working with you. I would highly recommend you. Thank you.

LdeF, Passaic County, 9-11-15

Ralph, I don’t think you will ever fully know the gratitude I have toward you. Thank you for helping to relieve my Murphy’s Law of a life and turn it around.

PK, Hudson County, 12/28/15

Mr. Ferro came to us at exactly the right time – we had no choice but to depend on him at that moment and he never let us down. The entire process was done well and we are very happy. Thank you Ralph!

RF&FC, Hudson County, 6-15-15

Mr. Ferro – You truly cared about our success. It was comforting to know that you never lost a Chapter 7 case and you always reassured us throughout the case. You helped us through this very difficult and stressful time in our lives and you made us realize we are not alone. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for legal advise for a bankruptcy.

L&F L, Essex County, 8-26-15

Ralph, I was able to get a new leased car without a co-signer right after I was discharged from my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. When I applied for pre-approval for a house one year after my bankruptcy, all the bank wanted was a letter explaining the bankruptcy and why I had to do it. Claiming bankruptcy was actually the best thing I ever did! Thank you for making it a little less painful!

CAM, Essex County, 9-27-15

Mr. Ferro – you are a class act. I will recommend you to anyone in a similar situation – thanks

E&BA, Essex County, 8-12-15

Thank you so much for the services you have provided. You’re so helpful and have patience in explaining to me the process of bankruptcy. I really appreciate your time, effort and help. You were there at the right time for me. May God richly bless you and your family.

JB, Bergen County, 8-30-15

Ralph, you cared about my future and success. I was always able to reach you. I was very satisfied with your representation.

CG, Passaic County, 12/5/15

Ralph, you were very helpful in my time of need and I greatly appreciate it.

SL, Passaic County, 12/11/15