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Bankruptcy Protection:

Frequently, clients ask me the following question about Bankruptcy Protection:

“How can filing bankruptcy protect my assets? “

Upon filing a bankruptcy petition, all actions against the debtor must cease/stop immediately. When I use the term directly, I do not mean within the next week or month. I mean the exact moment the debtor files for bankruptcy, the same date – hour – minute.

Bankruptcy is highly time-sensitive, and you can contact me if you need bankruptcy help and to STOP

You will stop the action if you file a bankruptcy petition one minute before a Sheriff’s sale, wage garnishment, foreclosure, or vehicle repossession. You will receive bankruptcy protection immediately.

Bankruptcy protection will stop your assets from being seized.

Examples of Bankruptcy Protection:

  • Bank Account:   You just found out that a creditor put a lien/levy on your bank account and your funds are frozen.
    How can I remove the levy which has my funds frozen?
    Filling an immediate bankruptcy petition will place you into bankruptcy protection, unfreezing your funds and allowing you to withdraw the money.
  • Car:   You receive a notice that your vehicle will be repossessed.
    What if my car is picked up right after I file for bankruptcy?
    Filing an immediate bankruptcy petition will legally prohibit that creditor from picking up your car at that time. You have bankruptcy protection so your car must be returned to you.
  • Home:   You receive notice of a Sheriff’s sale on your home or investment property and the sale date is in 3 hours.
    How can bankruptcy protection help?
    Filing an immediate bankruptcy petition will stop that sale.
  • Bank Account:  You just found out that a creditor seized funds from your bank account. How can bankruptcy protection help?
    Filing an emergency bankruptcy petition will allow you to retrieve this money seized by a creditor shortly before bankruptcy.
  • Lawsuit:  You just received a notice that you are being sued by a credit card company or another creditor and the trial date is the next day.
    How can bankruptcy protection help?
    Filing an immediate bankruptcy petition will stop that action and you will not have to appear in court.
  • Wages:   You receive a notice that your wages will be garnished in 1 day.
    What happens if wages are garnished anyway?
    Filing an immediate bankruptcy petition will stop that garnishment. Those garnished wages will be returned to you because of bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy Protection - Retirement Savings

It is critical to understand that bankruptcy protection extends to your retirement savings. This means that you should not hastily withdraw or cash out your retirement savings to pay off your debts without thoroughly assessing your overall financial situation. As retirement savings accounts are safeguarded in bankruptcy, they are generally untouchable by creditors. You can also continue contributing to your accounts while in default.

Moreover, when you file for bankruptcy, your retirement savings will remain unaffected, and you can continue to contribute to your accounts as usual. It is highly recommended not to withdraw from your retirement savings accounts to pay your debts before exploring all your options.

If you are considering bankruptcy, set up a consultation with me.   I am Board Certified in Bankruptcy Law and will provide you with expert advice before liquidating your pension funds.


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