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Dog Friendly Bankruptcy Law Firm with Compassion

Bankruptcy Dog Friendly Law Firm

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Do You Feel Calmer with your Dog?

Bring your dog along –  Looking for a:

Dog Friendly Bankruptcy Law Firm

Compassion for bankruptcy clients is key – if bringing their dog to our meetings helps, that’s OK.  I brought JJ to my latest Board Certification bankruptcy seminar.

Whether Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is best for you, you will be working with your Bankruptcy Lawyer for quite some time.    It is critical to your case to have the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer- Chapter 7 and the Right  Bankruptcy Lawyer-Chapter 13.  Learn more about me.


Dog Friendly Law Firm

Working with a Bankruptcy Lawyer with Compassion is Key during a Difficult Time

Bankruptcy Chapter 7

  • Although this type of bankruptcy usually starts and ends in about 90 days, much preparation and getting to know the client’s goals is necessary.
  • After the bankruptcy is over, you will need to contact me often, and I am always available for my clients.
  • The first free bankruptcy consultation, I see how difficult it is for many clients to face their financial situation, leading to coming to terms with the fact that they need to set up a meeting.
  • My goal is not only about the mechanisms and evaluations but also the emotional needs of my clients.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

In this type of bankruptcy, you will usually need to work with your attorney for the next five years.

  • During the first consultation, I learned the best solution for clients. 
  • Bankruptcies are not churned out at my firm.    Knowing that this type of bankruptcy will affect you for the next five years, a unique plan is required.
  • My goal is to educate, recommend, and provide legal bankruptcy advice, compassion, and interest in my clients’ needs.
  • I aim to educate, recommend, and provide legal bankruptcy advice, compassion, and interest in my clients’ needs.
  • Therefore, I know you will find working with my law firm beneficial.    We are a smaller law firm and have many advantages for our clients.  Click here to find out more:       

Bankruptcy can be a stressful time for anyone for that reason, many of my clients bring in their dogs to the office.   

Compassion for Bankruptcy Clients

Dog Friendly Bankruptcy law firm

Dogs are Welcome at Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. Law Offices

  • Knowing that oxytocin levels increase when humans interact with dogs, I welcome clients’ dogs to be part of taking the stress out of bankruptcy.
  • The stress of financial difficulties is ongoing and continues to increase as your debts become overwhelming.
  • We are dog friendly – we welcome your bringing your dogs to the office.

Food for Thought - Benefits of Dogs

Just a little food for thought about the benefits of dogs:

  • This may be similar to when parents look at their baby and their baby stares into their eyes; even though the baby can’t talk, parents get an oxytocin boost just by eye contact/
  • Dogs have somehow acquired this oxytocin bonding pathway so that just by making eye contact or playing and hugging our dog, the oxytocin in us and our dog goes up.
  • I find Dogs are wonderful in any stressful situation.
  • As a dog owner, after a stressful day, just spending time with my dog makes everything OK.
  • Also, dogs promote walking.    At times, you may not want to take a walk.    However, when you know the joy it brings your dog, you put on their leash and get out the door.
  • We know walking is excellent exercise, and dogs help in that way.
  • Mutual gazing between humans and their dogs increases the owners’ oxytocin levels. Arousal levels decrease and slow the heart rate.

When you are in my office, you can gaze at your dog.   I want my clients to feel calm and relaxed, and if bringing their dog to the meeting, bring your dog to the meeting.

Many clients have brought their dogs to my office.

Benefits of Dogs - Historical Info.

Throughout history, there have been many stories – some possibly untrue – about how dogs can provide physical and psychological therapy

  • Ancient Egyptians believed a dog’s lick could heal sores and lesions. This belief may have some truth, as dogs’ saliva contains antibacterial and antiviral substances and growth factors.
  • In 19th-century English mental institutions, pets were used to soothe residents.
  • A former Civil War nurse, Florence Nightingale, wrote that a small pet could be a great companion for the sick, particularly for long-term chronic cases.

I find that pet owners also experienced milder stress responses and faster recovery from stress when they were with their pets.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Not only can I provide you with expert Consumer Bankruptcy advice, but also compassion.

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology.  

Board Certified – Consumer Bankruptcy 

I am committed to staying in touch with you throughout the process.  See my Client Reviews

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Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. Bankruptcy Lawyer

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