Bankruptcy Bounce Back – Bees Do

bankruptcy bounce back bees do

Bankruptcy Bounce Back – Bees Do – You Can Be Like the Bees

Filing bankruptcy is a positive.   You can bounce back quickly.   There are so many advantages to filing bankruptcy.

The economy has faced major setbacks but I am optimistic.  I encourage my clients to take a positive step, make changes and you will bounce back.  

  • Nature has a way of showing us that change is good.   
  • Setbacks end.   
  • Usually setbacks are followed by major improvements and opportunities.

If you look at nature, in the 2018-19 winter, there were a record 37.7% fewer honeybees than the previous year.

Let’s Look at Nature with Honeybees:

Honeybees rebound.  This previous winter, there was only a loss of 22.2% of their colonies — considerably better than the average of 28.6%, (Bee Informed Partnership).

During the ongoing 14-year survey, that percentage was the second-smallest winter loss on record.

  • Honeybee populations often follow a cyclical formula with good seasons following bad ones.  

I believe our bad season will be followed by a good one.   You should not look at filing bankruptcy as the end.   It is a start for you financially.

Beekeepers make changes, e.g. bringing their hives indoors during the winter. You can make positive steps to improve your financial situation and find out if bankruptcy will help you.

Honeybees are crucial to the world’s food supply and face numerous obstacles just like all of us do, but they push forward.

I am here to help you, give me a contact us today and see if filing bankruptcy is right for you.   

Some facts about honeybees when you think you are struggling:

  • Bees have to fly over 55,000 miles to make 1 lb. of honey
  • Honeybees never sleep! No wonder worker bees have such a short lifespan!
  • 1 lb. of honey takes 556 workers and 2 million flowers.
  • 50-100 flowers are pollinated during one collection trip.

Bankruptcy Bounce Back – Bees Do – So Can You…..  

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